Daiichi 1510 Glo-Bug Hook
Daiichi 1510 Glo-Bug Hooks are the choice of discriminating fly tyers around the world. Every hook is precision tooled to the design at the eye, bend, gap, barb and point. These hooks feature high carbon steel construction for superb strength and are hard
Daiichi 1770 Swimming Nymph Hooks (25 Count)
This Daiichi fly fishing hook has a sproat bend, straight eye, 1X fine wire, 3X long curved shank. Uses: swimming nymphs, leeches, san juan worms.
Daiichi 3x-Long Aberdeen Black (2461)
A great hook for bass/pike/popper/streamers
Daiichi Aberdeen Hook (2462)
Aberdeen style hooks are considered “general purpose” and are used for various types of fishing. These hooks are popular as snelled hooks for live bait, used in lures and streamers or for fly tying. They are standard wires and the rounded bend makes them
Daiichi Aberdeen Jig Hook (4660)
This Daiichi jig hook has a round bend, straight shank, a 90 degree angle of standard length and a flat eye. Use for jigs and flies for float fishing.
Daiichi Bead Head Nymph Hook (1260)
Specialty hook designed for nymph patterns that need a bead head. The bend is made to accommodate beads better (and smaller) than standard style nymph hooks.
Daiichi Heavy Wire Jig Hook-Black (4647)
This forged Daiichi jig hook has a Limerick bend, heavy wire with a black nickel finish, a 60 degree angle, long shank and a flat eye. Use for jigs and flies for float fishing, or fly fishing with a float.
Daiichi Straight-Eye Streamer Hook (1750)
This hook is a variation of the standard (4X) streamer, because it features a straight eye (or ringed eye). Some anglers prefer this variation to the popular down-eye model. Keith Fulsher advocated the straight eye streamer hook in his book Fishing the Th
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