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Allen Backtrak Hex Sling MOBUC
BAKTRAK® Rubber Grip Panel

Ultra Durable and Lightweight

Hypalon Construction

Hex Panel to Attach Accessories Quick Adjust with Cam Lock Buckle
Allen Baktrak Big Game Sling w/ Swivels
The Allen BakTrak Big Game Sling features a shoulder gripping system that provides a high level of comfort and stability. Unlike traditional bulky rubber slings, the Big Game is lightweight, low-profile and quiet. This sling allows a full range of movemen
Allen Baktrak Bull Basin Leather Sling w/ Swivels
Allen’s BAKTRAK® Bull Basin Leather Sling features full grain leather facing with a BAKTRAK® extreme grip backing. Designed for elk hunters, this sling provides quick, one hand adjustment and incredible shoulder grip. Includes swivels tested to over 300
Allen Bighorn Rubber Sling Charcoal/ Black Web w/ Swivels
Allen Bighorn long gun slings are constructed of lightweight rubber for comfortable carry of your rifle or shotgun. The slings feature heavy duty webbing, and sling swivels tested to 300-lbs.
Allen Gun Case 11"
Allen Handgun Case pads your handgun without busting your wallet. Smart protection, sharp value! Perfect for under a car seat, in a glove compartment or a small drawer, this Allen Handgun Case sports tough nylon construction and soft foam lining to soak u
Allen Gun Sock Gray Extra Wide
The Oversized Knit Gun Sock from Allen is a great solution for preventing rust on your firearms, especially firearms with scopes. The specially treated silicone fabric does not hold moisture so it will not build up on metal surfaces. Keep your firearms in
Allen Hypa-Lite Bruiser Sling MOBUC w/ Swivels
The Hypa-Lite™ Bruiser™ Sling is a gun sling designed with the whitetail deer hunter in mind. The sling begins with ultra-durable and lightweight hypalon construction with molded, low-density foam and a non-slip backing. The front of the sling features
Allen Hypa-Lite Prowler Sling Max-1 w/Swivels
The Hypa-Lite™ Rifle Sling from Allen features ultra-durable, lightweight hypalon construction with low-density, molded padded and a non-slip textured back to keep you comfortable as you carry your rifle in the field or at the range. With a high strength-
Allen Hypa-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling MO Obsession w / Swivels
The Hypa-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling is a sling designed with turkey hunting in mind. The sling begins with ultra-durable and lightweight hypalon construction with molded, low-density foam and a non-slip backing. The front of the sling features Mossy Oak Ob
Allen Odessa Neoprene Sling Pink
Allen's Odessa Padded Sling is a great choice for lady shooters who want to look fashionable even when on the range or hunting. This sling features a comfortable body, non-slip backing and a rugged spandex binding. The heavy duty webbing is designed to re
Allen Pistol Rug 13
Allen Pistol Rug, Fits Single Handgun, 13", Assorted Colors 7213
Assorted earthtone & camo Endura. Thick foam padding. #5 full-length zipper.
Allen Rifle Sling #8061
This sling adjusts to any size instantly and is constructed of durable nylon.

Features and Specifications:
Manufacturer Number: 8061
Max: 31"
Min: 24"
Width: 1-1/4"
Sling fits all standard swivel studs
Sling has padded shoulder strap
Allen Swipe MQR Holster
Hip holsters typically employ a snap-system for their retention band. Anyone that has used one of these, knows that they can be hard to break loose and cumbersome to manage.

The Swipe MQR Holster uses a patented magnetic system that releases in 50% les
Allen Swivel-Set Magnum 1in Swivel Pair
The Allen Magnum Swivel Set is an extreme-rated swivel scientifically tested to 300 pounds with a knurled threaded locking screw that holds the swivel securely on the sling swivel stud. The metal-forged cast swivel design provides a quiet and solid founda
Browning 1911-22/380 Leather Holster
NEW for 2018 — Durable holster for comfortable OWB carry of the Browning 1911-380 and 1911-22 Pistols.

1911-22/1911-380 Holsters offer comfort and confidence. These rugged, secure and comfortable holsters fit all models of 1911-22 and 1911-380 pistols
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