Umpqua Bone Appetite Chicone
It’s all in the details
As you can imagine, Drew Chicone’s Bone Appetite will fool bonefish in the Bahamas, the Caribbean, and across the globe. It all comes down to the details. The bunny fur wing pulses even while the fly is just sitting in the current
Umpqua Creek Crawler
The Umpqua Creek Crawler is a very durable, yet realistic fly. The crayfish pattern not only has life-like appeal, but it also fishes incredibly well for both cold and warm water species. Each fly is made from quality materials and hooks.
Umpqua Fly Tying Tool Set
The Umpqua Fly Tying Tool Set has all the basic necessities you will need for tying flies. Just add materials and you are ready to rock! This is the perfect gift for the aspiring fly tier.
Umpqua Gamechanger
Change the game with this crazy streamer - tie it on some heavy tippet or wire - can't afford to loose this one.
Umpqua Gotcha WDLS
One of the world’s most effective bonefish flies, now more versatile
The Gotcha Weedless is the same proven Gotcha bonefish fly, upgraded with a weed guard. This allows you to show bonefish around turtlegrass, mangrove roots, and other vegetation one of
Umpqua Micro Spawn
Egg patterns are designed to imitate a spawning fish's eggs. Many fish will eat the eggs of a different species or even their own species. The egg pattern is usually fished subsurface and can be used in rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Sometimes it is b
Umpqua Mouserat
The Mouse Rat is most commonly used for predatory trout around the world, but they are also great for Bass, Pike, and Musky!
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